Corporate Catering

BMP provides its clients with an extensive array of service coverage which includes—menu planning, operational manpower, strategic planning of the theme, tablescaping, ambience-setting, and more.

We believe that each client has a unique set of considerations that need to be met with precise execution. This is why we pride ourselves in being flexible to be able to provide meals with such a wide range – from a P50 budget meal to a meal that is appropriate for a full fledged international scale event. Not to mention, non-halal and halal services are an option for clients to choose from. Our whole management team which is composed of operations managers, food safety officers, onsite managers and the rest of the staff are fully dedicated into making a corporate event, regardless of size, a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Corporate Pantry Management

BMP Inc. provides pantry management services, which is a service that has seen a surge in demand due to the influx of Business Process Outsourcing firms and other call centers in the country. Due to the demand of employees’ office time for these companies, both the companies and employees save money by having an inhouse pantry. Companies save money by foregoing the cost of tardy employees on one hand. Employees save money on the other hand by getting their favorite meals below cost. An inhouse pantry, would make employees want to have meals in the office, while getting the feel of a trendy mall’s bustling food court.

Under BMP Inc.’s umbrella are hundreds of brand names. Firstly, as a necessity for all pantry services, we have numerous Filipino cuisine brands which are budget friendly. Filipino cuisine is a must specially for employees of multinational companies. This provides them access to serving food that they know and are comfortable with, in turn making them more efficient in their work. In addition to our loved Filipino cuisine brand names, we also have hundreds of popular food franchises that caters to numerous cuisines and types of food.

All the eligible brands strictly follow our rule of “no onsite cooking”, which means no smoke, no strong smell, no noise and no long lines of waiting for your food to be fixed, making the pantry a fun place for relaxation in between work hours. Every brand we provide to our clients undergo stringent tests to determine if their commissaries pass the food safety evaluations conducted by our inhouse food safety officers. A one stop shop for quality pantry management services is what BMP Inc. can provide – and thus far, our clients are extremely satisfied.

Product and Service Procurement

BMP is the perfect one stop shop for product and service procurement needs, may it be corporate giveaways, gift items, supplies, venues and more. BMP Inc. can provide any and all things clients may need when organizing an event. We have arranged everything from event planning, booking services and even products like corporate giveaways, appliances, any and all other catering equipments and supplies. Whether a client needs packed meals, healthy meals, halal meals, a buffet set up, etc. we have the ability and facilities to deliver.

To add icing to the cake, we are very flexible in terms of payment. We believe our clients are our partners and we like to maintain a comfortable working relationship. This results in a mutual understanding beneficial to both us and our partner clients.

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